This video is a paradox only if you believe it to be true. Because this video shows freedom of ethnicity and culture of minorities in society. The only way this paradox can be undone is for the present to be equal to this message.

This is the last video of a three part series. The three videos don’t have a chronological order, that means that the viewer determines what the conclusion of the series is and what meaning it holds with our society.

An interesting fact is that during the making of this film I’ve been arrested by 2 men of the marechaussee and 3 policemen for looking suspicious while shooting with a camera. A bit strange when you’re standing among many tourists with cameras on the most touristic place of The Hague. I am 19 years old and I’ve been arrested 5 times for looking suspicious. As a young men going through all this I can see how systematically I’m being accused and hindered for simple things I do.

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